Part 6-Plus - REAL Networking

Copy the top6 folder to top6-plus and enter it. For example, with:

cp -r top6 top6-plus


Under Windows and unless you have a proper shell installed (Cygwin, MSYS, GitBash, …) you are probably better off using the Windows Explorer to make a copy of the directory)

We have left our Pyroes hanging from a thread, because they are being fetched from the network … but still a virtual network. Being real Pyroes they really want to go the distance.

Any avid reader has probably already wondered why not doing it altogether, given that we have the tools at our disposal:

  • A set of services (PyroService and PyroSearchService) which use the generic Http interface available in AnPyLar

  • A single conditional definition in to serve data locally

    if True:
        from .mock_pyroes import Pyroes
        Http.serve(Pyroes, index='pyd', url='api/pyroes/')
  • An anpylar-serve command which is offering a web server on port 2222

And yes! The simple server in anpylar-serve can also serve a simple CRUD interface. An excerpt from the anpylar-serve --help command:

$ anpylar-serve --help


API options:
  --api-url API_URL     URL path when serving an API request (default: )
  --api-mod API_MOD     Which python source file contains the data (default: )
  --api-data API_DATA   Name of the variable holding teh data (default: )
  --api-index API_INDEX
                        Name of the field which will serve as an index
                        (default: )

The layout hasn’t changed and the application is not going to change either. Simply edit to remove the inclusion of the local data:

if False:  # <<-- SET THIS TO FALSE
    from .mock_pyroes import Pyroes
    Http.serve(Pyroes, index='pyd', url='api/pyroes/')

Set the condition to False. If you are brave … delete the 3 lines. It doesn’t make a difference.

And now serve the application … this time with a longer command:

anpylar-serve top6-plus \
  --api-url /api/pyroes/ \
  --api-mod tour-of-pyroes/top6/app/ \
  --api-data Pyroes \
  --api-index pyd

And go the browser

We have used backslashes to make the command line readable. We have opened the developer console and highlighted the first network request from the browser to fetch the list of Pyroes


You can do the and play with the application. Everything will be fetched from a real server. Ok … it’s only the toy development server which can act as a CRUD server, but proves the point: the Http code was generic enough to hit the network with no changes to PyroService and PyroSearchService

That means that our Pyroes are free to navigate the perils of the network or who knows to save us from those perils without us noticing such a feat. All hail the Pyroes!