Tutorial - Tour of Pyroes

AnPyLar is modelled after the ideas and concepts found in Google’s Angular. As such it does pay tribute by building on the Heroes tutorial, but with a Py approach.

At the same time and to depart from it, the tutorial will also pay tribute to the TV Series Heroes (2006-2010) in what you will come to know as the Pyroes.

You can see (and play the samples live), just follow the links:

The platform aims at versatility, flexibility and last but no least, saving the world as the Pyroes would do. Ok, it will only try to save the day of the developer. And that means: not forcing the user’s hand into working like this or like that. Rather the opposite by offering different ways to do the thing and even mix and match the different ways.

That’s the reason why Part 0 of the tutorial is presented with three different approaches, whose names are based on the role the developer wishes to work with:

  • Htmlista

    The user won’t in most cases render anything in the component, because the work will be in the html content in the form of special attributes. Some rendering work may still be needed for special cases.

  • Selectista

    The component has associated regular html content. The render code uses the select DOM method of the html nodes to find the html elements and manipulate them.

  • Pythonista

    No html content is provided for the component, because the component produces the content programmatically, obviously … in Python.

At the end of the day, most people will work in mixed mode to support real life development use cases. As such, the other parts of the tutorial will also, when needed, mix the working modes.