Not much more to say. One of easiest and at the same time feature full languages of the world

Leverage your backend knowledge at the front end.


Build reusable components which encapsulate html, styling and code in a single or multiple file manner. Components can be nested inside other components.

Modular approach

Build applications in modules (host for components) and plug entire modules inside other modules.

Scoped Styling

Define scoped styling for components which doesn’t affect other parts of the application.


Define routes for components, modules, children routes, children modules, redirections.

Reactive Programming and Promises

Enjoy the fully integrated reactive programming with observables or use promises if you prefer.

HTML Templating is Python templating

Templating is built-in. Rather than building a new template language, the Format Language Specification is used.

Flexible development model

Choose from:

  • Htmlista

    Use directives in HTML code to control supercharging of the DOM nodes

  • Selectista

    select the DOM nodes (find them) in the HTML code and supercharge them

  • Pythonista

    Direct generation of supercharged DOM nodes in the component with Python code

And of course …

  • Mix and Match

    Combine the aforementioned techniques to have the best of all worlds