AnPyLar is the first Python front-end framework for building user interfaces, which allows to manage and simplify web development.

It is modelled following the concepts developed by Google with Angular (v2 and later), but with a Pythonic approach in mind.

The goal is not only to allow easy development of small or large and complex Single Page Application (SPA) but to allow all Python backend programmers to make the jump to front-end development.

To open your appetite here is a simple fully embedded component:

class HelloWorld(Component):

    htmlsheet = '''<h1>Hello {name}</h1>'''
    stylesheet = '''
        h1 {
            color: red;
            margin-left: 20px;

    def render(self, node):
        with'h1') as h1:
           h1._fmt(name=self.params.get('name', 'John Doe'))

If the route taking the application to this component carries a name parameter, it will be displayed. If not, John Doe will be shown.