$ anpylar-serve --help
usage: anpylar-serve [-h] [--sname SNAME] [--port PORT] [--index INDEX]
                     [--simple] [--browser] [--auto-serve AUTO_SERVE]
                     [--dev-on] [--dev-brython DEV_BRYTHON]
                     [--dev-stdlib DEV_STDLIB]
                     [--dev-anpylar-js DEV_ANPYLAR_JS]
                     [--dev-anpylar-vfs DEV_ANPYLAR_VFS]
                     [--dev-anpylar-dir DEV_ANPYLAR_DIR]
                     [--dev-pkg-vfs DEV_PKG_VFS] [--dev-pkg-auto DEV_PKG_AUTO]
                     [--dev-pkg-dir DEV_PKG_DIR] [--dev-optimize]
                     [--api-url API_URL] [--api-mod API_MOD]
                     [--api-data API_DATA] [--api-index API_INDEX]
                     [--quiet | --verbose]

AnPyLar Simple Server

positional arguments:
  application           Application directory to serve (default: .)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --quiet, -q           Remove output (errors will be reported) (default:
  --verbose, -v         Increase verbosity level (default: False)

Server Options:
  --sname SNAME         Server Name (default:
  --port PORT           Port to listen to (default: 2222)
  --index INDEX         Index file to look for (default: index.html)
  --simple              Use built-in SimpleHTTPRequestHandler (default: False)

Miscelenaous options:
  --browser             Try to open a browser to the served app (default:

Development options:
  If any of the options in this group is set, the server will construct an
  on-the-fly anpylar.js bundle with each reload either with the default
  files in the package or with the provided files/directories

  --auto-serve AUTO_SERVE
                        Serve the path/file given as argument, automatically
                        providing a wrapping index.html file and anpylar.js.
                        This activates development mode (default: None)
  --dev-on              Activate dev serving unconditionally (default: False)
  --dev-brython DEV_BRYTHON
                        Serve dev brython (default: None)
  --dev-stdlib DEV_STDLIB
                        Serve dev brython stdlib (default: None)
  --dev-anpylar-js DEV_ANPYLAR_JS
                        Serve dev anpylar_js.js (default: None)
  --dev-anpylar-vfs DEV_ANPYLAR_VFS
                        Serve dev from anpylar.vfs.js (default: None)
  --dev-anpylar-dir DEV_ANPYLAR_DIR
                        Serve dev anpylar from directory (default: None)
  --dev-pkg-vfs DEV_PKG_VFS
                        Add a vfs.js package to the dev bundle (default: [])
  --dev-pkg-auto DEV_PKG_AUTO
                        Add a auto_vfs.js package to the dev bundle (default:
  --dev-pkg-dir DEV_PKG_DIR
                        Add a directory package to the dev bundle (default:
  --dev-optimize        Optimized the generated bundle (default: False)

API options:
  --api-url API_URL     URL path when serving an API request (default: )
  --api-mod API_MOD     Which python source file contains the data (default: )
  --api-data API_DATA   Name of the variable holding teh data (default: )
  --api-index API_INDEX
                        Name of the field which will serve as an index
                        (default: )