$ anpylar-pip --help
usage: anpylar-pip [-h] [--target TARGET] [--make-target] [--no-replace]
                   [--no-package-json] [--pkgdir PKGDIR]
                   [--single-pkgdir SINGLE_PKGDIR] [--force-pkgdir]
                   [--quiet | --verbose]
                   command packages [packages ...]

AnPyLar pip Installer

positional arguments:
  command               only *install* supported
  packages              pip packages to install

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --target TARGET       Target directory, defaults to current dir (default: .)
  --make-target         Create target directory if does not exist (default:
  --no-replace          Do not replace existing packages with new install
                        (default: False)
  --quiet, -q           Remove output (errors will be reported) (default:
  --verbose, -v         Increase verbosity level (default: False)

  --no-package-json     If the installation directory contains a package.json
                        file the installed packages will be added to the
                        *packages* entry to be later taken into consideration
                        for packing the complete application. Using this
                        option disables the behavior (default: False)
  --pkgdir PKGDIR       Install packages under pkgdir in the application
                        directory. This overrides the entry pkgdir in
                        package.json (default: )
  --single-pkgdir SINGLE_PKGDIR
                        Add (if possible) a single directory entry to packages
                        rather than each packet individually (default: )
  --force-pkgdir        If a pkgdir is supplied and package.json is being
                        processed, update the entry for pkgdir even if a value
                        already exists (default: False)